Weathervanes How They Work – Discovery Videos

In this video, viewers will be able to understand how weathervanes function and what they can be used for.

The decorative tops are used for indicating the direction the wind blows on structures. They are often shaped like the rooster, or some other intriguing shapes to appear appealing and attractive at the same time. They’re designed to follow the direction of the wind as it blows. It is easy to know which direction the wind is moving. The rooster for instance is pointed towards the wind. To determine which direction the wind is blowing, it is possible to utilize the NWES symbols that are located beneath the animal. It is then possible to determine climate conditions. Where this video was filmed in the area, if the wind blows from the south, then the day is likely to be cold. However, if the wind is being blown from the north, the day will be bright and sunny. You will need to know which wind patterns look in your region in order to employ your weathervane for predicting the weather just by taking a look up. nhbbvnfkas.