2 Simple steps in finding the best RSS feeds

RSS or Rich Sites Summary is a format that is used by websites to syndicate their content. Using the format, they can regularly publish or update their content and have their subscribers receive them as soon as they come out. With RSS reader the subscriber will no longer have to visit the site every time a new content is published or an update on the content comes out. RSS is quite common now that you can find them in almost every sites although they were really popularized by newspaper sites, magazines and news channels that have constant updates because of news stories.

Now, if you have certain areas of interests you might want to take advantage of RSS and have articles and contents delivered to you when they come out. All you need is an RSS reader which is available for fee on the many online sites. All you have to do is to do an RSS search for reader. You can then download it and start using it. If you are very particular with the functionality of programs in your computer, you should then do RSS search for different readers. You can see from your RSS search for reader that there are readers for Windows, Linux and Mac, some of them are free and some of them are not. You should therefore read the different reviews on the readers. If you want a simple reader, Google reader is the one that you should try. If you want an organized reader in which you can manage everything in folders, have plug ins and hooks, then there are other more powerful readers that you can try. Again a simple search will give different readers that you can try. And if you do not want to waste time trying one after another, you can just read reviews about them and choose the one that you think you will like.

A simple RSS search will also allow you to find sites to subscribe from. The good thing about this is that these RSS search engines or RSS search hubs will instantly give you a list of RSS feeds that you are interested in. Another easy way to do an RSS search is to make use of RSS directories. There are RSS directory sites that have a good list of sites that have RSS feeds. These RSS feed directory sites make it easy for anyone to find feeds that they are interested in because their lists are categorized and then further sub categorized. So for example, if what you are interested in is golf, then you can search under sports and then under that search on golf category. Of course not all RSS search directories or RSS feeds directory are as organized but there are some really good ones that makes search really easy. In fact you can find an RSS feed directory that has RSS search engines and categories of RSS feeds.