I can not imagine there is a single person on the planet who wants to come home to a filthy house. There are the same number of people, namely zero, who are interested in working all day and then coming home to clean. Life is busy and we need time to ourselves. Because of that the couch is covered in dog hair, there’s an inch of dust on the stereo, and there’s a weird smell coming from the closet.

Fortunately we found an article online that goes into simple and manageable steps to keep a house clean in the short and long term. There is practical advice given, like getting the entire family to chip in and to donate unwanted items. It also includes a piece of information that should be a mantra to all cooks – “Clean As You Go”. CAYG! Learn it, love it, live it. If you are struggling with a dirty home or are just interested in the topic, we suggest giving it a read.

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