Staying Healthy When You are Stuck at Home

With the current health crisis forcing us all to stay in the house, being able to stay healthy and active is becoming increasingly difficult. With the gyms and public spaces shut down, not to mention the anxiety caused by the evening news, it is easy to get into some bad habits.  When you are in the house all day, all week, all month, the lure of junk food and binge television watching in inescapable.

We were researching this problem when we found a great blog article online. This article explains in very clear terms how we can stay fit and healthy even when we can not leave our houses.  There are exercises that can be done and better choices that can be made. If you are struggling with making healthy choices right now, or are looking for some tips on how to stay physically active during the quarantine, we recommend giving it a read. Hopefully, you will also find the advice helpful.

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