Can You Build Your Own Custom Gazebo? – Find a Residential Plumber

Enjoying a relaxing time with your the company of friends. The custom made wood gazebo is an option if your are proficient in woodworking and possess the tools necessary. In this video, you will learn the steps to make your gazebo.

Wooden planks and concrete anchors are essential, along with tools such as a ladder and clamps , as well as circular saws and nails.

Determine where the wooden posts will go and make a hole on the deck of wood in each corner in order to install the anchor posts in concrete. Posts made of wood can be secured upright on the anchor posts by screws. A slanting roof will require slightly longer back posts.

Paint or stain these beams to paint each side, then clamp them to hold them in place, perpendicular to the post’s top, then fix them with drilling the screws. Parallel joists are required to ensure the roof is supported, therefore secure them to the beams in the front and back in a similar distance. Attach the roofing panels to the joints.

A basic wooden gazebo is simple to build when you take the proper measurements and make use of the right materials.