Fiber Optic Internet Installation – Technology News for All Gamers

ect. Even though it is difficult to grasp the complete process but understanding the way in which it works can make things easier.

First, you must locate the panel for network. When you’ve found the panel, it’ll require a fiber optic cable. This will enable you to replace later the cable modem by one that is fiber optic. A typical place for the fiber optic cable would be the side of the house in the vicinity of the main electrical panel.

Next process is to employ an experienced person who has worked with fibre optic Internet. It is essential to hire somebody who understands how to operate the wires safely, and not causing harm. Attempting to do the job yourself may cause injuries and even damage to the house as well.

Then, you can install the fiber optical modem. You will require an extension cable to connect it to power, fiber optic cables and cat6 cables that connect the router and the modem. Each of these is required for the modem’s in order to function.

The attached video provides additional details on how to install fiber optic internet.