Horrific Crash Involving School Bus Full of Kids – Wired Parish Legal Newsletter

It could end in death. Nothing good can come of two metal pieces coming together at high speeds full of people. What’s more, is that children are involved in the worst crashes. In this clip it is shown how an automobile that has hit an elementary school bus in excess of 100 miles-per-hour. Please be aware that some of the images may seem disturbing.

The film begins with kids talking on the bus like the rest of us do. They didn’t have any idea that two sports cars raced each other in dangerously fast speeds only an inch from each other. The bus was hit by one of these vehicles, which lost control of its vehicle and crashed into it at greater than 100 mph. You can see as the kids are hurled up through the air. The bus gets flipped over and tipped over on its back. Around it is broken glass. Thankfully, nobody was killed in this crash. Some students suffered serious injuries and were taken to hospitals. Many of the kids managed to get out of the bus calmly while others sought to aid their peers. Fortunately, others were quick to assist.