How to Successfully Run a Dental Office – Uncovering the Dental Implant Process


In the video, the presenter says that the time of a patient is the single most valuable resource in the dental clinic. Every employee has a job, and on any given day they’re performing their assigned tasks to ensure the patients’ needs are taken care of. You can only learn about dental offices and what your role is when you take initiative. Do not wait for someone to guide you on what you should do and how you should do it. Write down a list of items you’ll need to know and the way you will learn them. This puts you in charge of your learning, and be able to demonstrate your leadership skills.

Dental clinics are about providing assistance to patients. It is typical that the patient arrives to make an appointment. The doctor is present in addition to the assistant or hygienist. You will be treated with emergency care, teeth cleanings, and a X-ray. If the job cannot be accomplished in the dentist’s office, they’ll be sent to an experienced specialist. They are expected to return for further inspections and maintenance. That is when you need to define your role.