How Window Treatments Can Save You Money

ural Resources Defense Council study, it is estimated that you’ll lose around a third of your house’s thermal mass through the windows and doors. This is the measurement of how impervious the building is to changes in temperature and thermal mass. It is a great place to begin reducing your electricity bill, as heating and cooling are responsible for a large portion of the electricity used by homes.
One approach to reduce thermal loss can be done through window treatment. Thermal resistant window treatments such as cell shades, will reduce heat loss by around 40% as well as heat gain of up to 60 60%. Blinds that are suitable for windows for bedrooms may be an option. Certain blinds have excellent light control making sure that your bedroom is not dark throughout the day.
Additionally, you can get additional lighting control options by using blinds placed over the door to your front. Blinds are a great option because they have the advantage of offering more light control while being easier to clean. Blinds are often cheaper than curtains in certain cases. Blinds are customized online and install them on your own, or request a quote online for blinds and let someone else handle it. You’ll save money, and benefit the environment! g37x62g4v6.