Important Things to Consider When There Are 11 Weeks Left Till Due Date – My Maternity Photography

the possibility of getting one.

Do you have pets inside your home? If so, you must ensure that they are removed from the premises as the contractors and their crew are likely to open the main entrance frequently.

Do you have an alarm at home? It is best to temporarily deactivate the system or notify your alarm company there was work completed at your home.

Take out any window or door treatment out of your residence, such as blinds, curtain rods, panelling, drapes, curtains and even panels.

Secure everything with a blanket to safeguard your property during the construction. Be sure to remove any jewelry or other precious items.


You must ensure that you have sufficient parking spots for the suppliers you have hired before they arrive. When they arrive and unload their things and the tools. Ask your contractor questions about the installation of windows or doors. The way to install works:

Remove existing doors and windows

Making the openings

Then, install the windows and doors while making sure that they are level.

Insulation and finishing.

Fix Your Garage

Like any other part of your home, your garage is also susceptible to the effects of wear and tear. Garage doors are much more risky than other components of your house if not addressed quickly. This is particularly true when it’s your first baby and you have eleven weeks before your due date. You should get a reliable garage door repair firm to fix it for you. You should look at these points to see the condition of your garage door. damaged and requires repairs.


Is the garage door in good condition? Old age could be responsible for malfunctioning of the mechanism for opening and closing. While it’s tempting to repair the oldest motor components, putting modern components to an old model could create a problem that is more difficult. If you’ve had your garage door open for over ten years, you’re probably due to give it a thorough overhaul.

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