Quick and Easy At Home Oil Change – How to Fix a Car

This is one of the key factors to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. Oil does more than the lubrication of your engine’s components. This video clip “How to Change your Oil in less than five minutes” illustrates. It also helps clean away dirt and debris that can be able to get through your engine’s filter system.

The first step to change your oil is to gather the necessary supplies. If you fail to change your oil regularly, dirt buildup can cause significant damage to the engine and even require costly repairs. With the right supplies and guidelines, you will be able to easily change your oil at your home in under five minutes. You’ll need basic tools, like funnels and paper towels for an oil replacement.

Before changing the oil, park your car in a flat area and turn off the engine. Prepare an oil pan to hold the oil until it drains away from your engine.

After the oil drains, start filling your newly installed undercarriage with new oil. You should do it in a slow manner in order to avoid getting too much in one spot or spill it. After filling it up with water, make use of a tissue or similar item to clean off the excess water around the base of the filter. il4zeza8qw.