The Coldest City on Earth – Entertainment Videos

arsh environments. The deserts of Egypt through in the tundra in Siberia. Yakutsk is the coldest city on the planet. It’s situated in Russia with thousands of inhabitants who reside there. It’s difficult to imagine that anyone would reside in a place where temperatures are regularly -35 degrees Fahrenheit or more cold. In this short video we will show you how they survive here.

As the guys in this video exit the airport for the first time, it is clear to the guys how frigid it actually is. The temperature in Yakutsk is so cold that even water will freeze in a matter of minutes. There’s a local outdoor marketplace and all of the meat is frozen solid. Indeed, many consumers eat the meat raw. The raw horse’s meat is an everyday food item in Yakutsk. It’s exotic food that is suitable that is appropriate for an exotic locale.

They are mostly Yakutsk natives. They’ve been taught to adapt to cold. The cold for many does not seem that bad to them. Additionally, they use advanced technology like water heaters to help heat their water and homes. But, many of them still employ traditional methods , such as the use of wood for heating.