Trying to Find Great Blogs? Use a RSS Search Engine

There is a huge amount of content circulating around the web. There are 70 million blogs hosted by WordPress alone. If you are a voracious reader of web content, you need a way to filter out all the garbage so that you can easily find high quality content about your favorite topics. RSS search engines allow you to do exactly that. Here are three reasons to use a RSS search to improve your online experience.

  • A Specialized Search
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    RSS searches focus on RSS feed directories only. John Koester of Venture Beat writes that Google catalogs at least 30 trillion pages 100 billion times a month. The fact of the matter is that RSS feeds are likely to get lost in all of that content. If you want to find new feeds to follow, does it not make sense to search a RSS directory instead of the entirety of the web? By using a service like Instant RSS Search, you can do exactly that. As an added bonus, it is completely free!

  • Convenient Subscription
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    One of the things that makes RSS so useful is that it allows you to subscribe to your favorite content providers and have all of their posts aggregated in one place automatically. This means you do not have to visit each site individually to check for updates and waste a lot of your time. When you search RSS directories, you are shown only feeds which relate to your topic. This way you can easily subscribe to new, high quality creators while maintaining the convenience of a RSS aggregator.

  • Take It Anywhere
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    Google Reader was recently killed off by the search giant in July 2013. Great mobile RSS applications like Pulse and Feedly have risen like a phoenix from the ashes. Both of these extremely popular programs allow you to conduct RSS searches on the fly so you can get the best content wherever you go. Plus, both applications incorporate social media platforms so you can easily share content with your friends.

RSS search engines make getting automatic updates on your favorite content simpler than ever before. By utilizing the power of search engines and the convenience of RSS, they stand to enrich your web surfing experience in a big way. They are free, easy, and convenient. What are you waiting for?